PCI Executive Search Consultants

Founded in 1991, PCI Executive Search Consultants is a leading Asia-Pacific executive search firm with operations in Greater China.

We dedicate in executive search and commit in local expertise and global reach

Established in 1991, PCI provides professional services in executive search for, major clients across various industries experiencing the growing need to set up strong local teams to effectively compete in one of the world's most competitive and emerging geographic areas – Greater China. With the combination of senior consultants, researchers, a robust search process and a comprehensive talent management system, PCI successfully fulfills those needs through offices with sound track records and high customer satisfaction. 
While having broad experience across major industries, PCI focuses in developing expertise in some core markets such as Technology, Industrial, Life Sciences, Consumer & Retail and Financial Services. 
Aiming at providing the top-flight talents to fulfill the organizational needs of clients, PCI has consistently demonstrated its capability to construct feasible search strategies and tactics, from working out approaching strategy, shortlisting the right and enthusiastic candidates, to minimizing the risk of wrong hiring in terms of problematic candidates and job hoppers.    
PCI is the exclusive Greater China representative member firm of IIC Partners, Executive Search Worldwide, a global network of more than 50 offices and some 500 search professionals, providing unparalleled access to global talent. 

We COMMUNICATE effectively and deliver CLIENT satisFACTION

PCI’s track record covers a multitude of leadership positions and has accrued extensive experience in a diverse range of business sectors. Needless to say, we will never get things done successfully without effective and transparent communications with our clients. 
All searches start with ample communication with our client for the first-day briefing. Our clients talk directly to our experienced professionals about their company, organization structure, the role and the job description with the detail requirements. As a result, PCI’s consultants are able to provide feedback on market and talent situation to help finalize a feasible position profile.  
PCI will then conduct in-depth research to gain a keen understanding of the company’s industry, the target markets and business objectives, before developing the search strategy and identifying pools of resource. We are committed to conducting a full market mapping on the identified relevant candidate pools. 
During the agreed time schedule, PCI works closely with the HR and hiring manger to ensure interactive and transparent communication toward identifying shortlisted candidates before the final selection stage. 

We Understand and deal effectively with the challenges of diversity

Apart from having various channels and techniques for talent searching, we understand the main challenges of the executive search process lie in the area of dealing with diversities. During the interview, shortlist, and final selection process, a professional search firm must be able to deal effectively with the diversities of nationalities, working locations, product/service offerings, company cultures, business models, languages, and even the laws and policies. PCI’s teams, in three offices, consist of experienced people from different industries, different nationalities, with diversified working experiences in various functional disciplines, and in various positions in the organizations.  

Long-term relationshipS with our customers  

One of our key business goals is to develop and maintain long-term business relationship with our customers. The fact that more than 60% of our business comes from our 'repeat customers' is one of the most exciting records we have kept in the past 20 plus years. Long-term customers bring not only consistent business for supporting PCI’s growth, but also bring referrals of new clients through word-of-mouth. This result comes naturally when we pay extreme care to the customer's needs and feedback, in each step of the search process and in each search assignment offered by our clients. 
It is our belief that PCI, as an accountable business partner to our customers, should always deliver what is expected from our clients, with non-negotiable business ethics, high quality standards, and a sense of partnership. PCI has lived and grown with the highest customer satisfaction in the past two decades and will continue to this approach to deliver the best executive search services in the Greater China market.