Jimmy Shih
Senior Partner

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Room 603, Shanghai Tian An Centre BuildingNo. 338 Nanjing Road WestShanghai 200003 ChinaPhone: +86 21 3120 0996 ext 201Fax: +86 21 3376 6121jimmyshih@pcichina.comhttp://www.pcichina.com/
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In his 25 years of service for several multi national companies in the Greater China region, Jimmy Shih has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in business development, and people and project management. Prior to joining PCI, Jimmy worked for IBM, Sun Microsystems and Novell in Taiwan from 1985 to 1998. During that period of time, he served in the functions of business administration, sales and marketing and has proved his capability with a sound track record.

Jimmy then moved to China in late 1998 joining a Taiwan-based software company, building up its operations in China. His major responsibility during 1999 to 2004 was to develop products, solutions and to strengthen the operations. In late 2004, he led a team to establish SCITC-Shanghai, an application solution provider for specific industries, such as hotels etc, and served as the general manager of the company for six years.

In PCI Shanghai, with his profound experience in the field, Jimmy will focus on information technology, hi-tech, industrial and other related business.