Kenneth Guo
Managing Partner

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Room 603, Shanghai Tian An Centre BuildingNo. 338 Nanjing Road WestShanghai 200003 ChinaPhone: +86 21 3120 0996 ext 200Fax: +86 21 3376 6121kennethguo@pcichina.com
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Kenneth started his career being sales in IBM in 1982. He got his MBA degree in 1989 and left IBM in 1994. Kenneth moved his career into multimedia industry after IBM, being the vice president of United Pacific Multimedia Corp and the President of KTS CATV.

Before year 2000, Kenneth also worked for new ventures such as Artif technology and Great China Artif was acquired later by Pacific Constructing Group which was one of the biggest enterprises in Taiwan. At the project of Great China, Kenneth led a team not only to set up the management operations but to design a process to produce personal CD album and slide show in web site. The process seamlessly integrated a series of procedures to generate image and audio files in CD and web browsing format. It created a new business model of combining virtual Internet and physical CD studio in the multimedia industry in year 2000.

Before join PCI, Kenneth worked for International Integrated Systems Inc (IISI) and Financial Intelligence Technology Inc (FITi) as executive team member. Both IISI and FITi provide software service in the finance industry. FITi also provides CRM service and solution to the market.

During Kenneth’s 25 years of working experience with all the above mentioned companies, Kenneth has demonstrated his ability and performance from the aspects of implementation, P&L and strategic planning etc., in sales, process and different management and executive positions.