Strategy Director

Position:  Strategy Director


Mission Statement :


Company: one of the top tier foreign MNCs

Reporting line: Strategy VP



This is to be in charge of consolidating the global strategy ofChina, including the definition of the leadership ambition, as well as proposing the strategic action plans to organize to achieve the ambition


This is to drive the market understanding through Business Intelligence action, participates to the growth plan by leading the A&A activity, creates the conditions of fast and smooth integration of new companies, and manages the acquisitions that may not be relevant to a specific BU integration



Key responsibilities



  1. 1.     Strategic Planning


Considering the global ambition of company, the growth of the market, the specific strategies of each BUs, the specific growth opportunities ofChina, and the Competitors movements, he coordinates the creation of the China Strategic plan and proposes the key action plans that are to be organized to reach the ambition.

This includes the BUs specific inputs as well as the potential new growth avenue both in term of new business and of new business models.

He organizes the monitoring and proposes adaptations of the implementation.

Considering the organization (verticalized/delegated), he is specifically careful to the responsibility given to the BUs


  1. 2.     Market knowledge


Managing the Business Intelligence team, he gives a regular view of the market conditions, with a global view and specifically on the key market segments, provides recommendation to the BUs as well as the view of Competitors behavior and positioning


  1. 3.     Acquisition and Alliances


Given the unique dynamics ofChina’s market, A&A represents a major activity.

He manages the A&A team whose responsibility is to keep a high level to the pipe-line of potential partnerships and to manage the projects to the final closing of partnership deals.

He exercises this activity in full consistency with Corporate methodologies with the objective of speeding up the schedule, as required by potential partners inChina

He also leads Global and local Alliances program


  1. 4.     Post acquisition activity – Partnership integration


Leads a team whose responsibility is to create the processes and specific competencies for integration, to help the BUs (or in certain situation directly) get the fastest synergies


  1. 5.     Specific Businesses Operation Excellence management


Chinawill groom new entities through acquisition which will not fit into the global organization (either due to strategic reasons, or as exploring new growth avenues). They will be kept isolated from the core businesses, under the management of the Strategy VP


  1. 6.     Business Development Strategic projects


He manages the projects leaders for exploring new growth opportunities to reach the 3 years plan ambition and/or to prepare the deployment of Corporate global initiatives


Personal profile and skills


Experienced manager, with good knowledge of relevant Industry and culture and experienced in strategic thinking as well as global management


Hands-on operation management experience under matrix operated structure.


High maturity level with good political sense to manage interaction with business and non-business community


Personal credibility amongst experienced managers and ability to challenge high level business leaders.


Excellent communication in both English & Chinese.


Management consulting firm working practice is highly preferred.

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