Academic Director

Company:             an International kid’s educational Group

Location:              Beijing , China

Reporting line:      CEO

Position:                Academic Director


Roles & Responsibilities:

To give direction to and assumes administrative responsibility for the Academic and EMTTA Departments, which includes curriculum, assessment, professional development, training, technology, pupil services and strategic planning.


The Group:  

This organization was founded with a vision of ‘educating the future; educating for the future.’ Since its founding in 2002, the group has expanded throughout China in effort to allow more children to benefit from the Group Advantage, and its graduates are now thriving at elementary and high schools throughout China and the world. And the Group have utilized educational philosophies and models of successful school management from around the world in improving China’s early education sector.


The Group has committed to providing extraordinary learning experiences that enable students to realize his or her full potential. Emphasis is placed on academics as the Group as character development, athletics, and the arts to create the Group-rounded learners. The Montessori approach is utilized to fuel each student’s individual drive toward competence while allowing them to learn and progress at their own developmental pace.


The Group offers four variations of kindergarten curriculum at its campuses:

Ÿ   Orchard Kindergarten featuring the Chinese national kindergarten standard with Montessori

Ÿ   Huizhi Kindergarten featuring Montessori, Chinese and International education

Ÿ   Bilingual Kindergarten with instruction in Chinese and English

Ÿ   International Kindergarten featuring Montessori studies in English


In addition to kindergarten, the Group offers Mommy & Me programs, a Parent Academy to provide parents with international-level training in early childhood educational philosophy and practice, and a Montessori Teacher Training Academy.


Knowledge of:

  1. Montessori theory and practice, early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practices, and bilingualism and ESL education practices.
  2. Familiar with planning and leading Montessori training, specifically for AMS certification.
  3. Principles and practices of modern management including personnel administration, administrative planning, organizational development, budgeting, purchasing, and information processing.


Ability to:

  1. Respond promptly to request of internal and external clients; provide them needed direction, assistance, training, materials and resources.
  2. Express ideas and concepts clearly and concisely in both oral and written form; use language and medium appropriate audience.
  3. Establish and maintain cooperative and professional working relationship with individuals, groups, public and private personnel.
  4. Motivate, challenge and guide others in the improvement of educational programs and district office services.
  5. Analyze data and situation(s); render judgment, make decisions and solve problems efficiently and effectively.
  6. Develop and administer budget(s) related to area(s) or responsibility; anticipate revenue and expenditure needs and changes.
  7. Plan, organize and conduct train, in-service and staff development activities; coordinate curriculum and instruction projects, conference, events and activities.
  8. Assume primary responsibility for the maintenance and operation of site(s); providing a safer and healthful environment for students, staff, and clients.
  9. Oversee a wide range of educational programs and relate to the personnel associated with those programs; set standards and assist others in meeting those standards.
  10. Select, train, supervise and evaluate staff relative to program objectives; observe and document performance; design data-based improvement process.


Education, Experiences and skills:

1)      Advanced degree and Montessori certification preferred

2)      Teaching experience required

3)      Leadership in a school setting

4)      Experience in an early childhood education

5)      Orientation towards results

6)      Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment

7)      An ongoing customer focus

8)      The highest levels of integrity at all times


Desired experiences:

  1. Curriculum and instruction experience.
  2. Staff Development training experience.
  3. Research and evaluation experience,
  4. Teaching experience.
  5. Principal experience.
  6. Experience in management positions with demonstrated results.


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