Researcher & Search Consultant

Location: Beijing

PCI Executive Consultants, we are the specialized Human Resource Firm executive positions. We are the exclusive office of the international IIC Partners Group and since 15 years active in Greater China. Our footprint covers CEO and Senior Management positions for various industries, like IT, Telecommunication, Automotive, FMCG, and all technical oriented businesses. Our long track record and high rate of continuously serviced customers underlines our customers’ satisfaction.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Support the BD activities with (mainly) European Companies and prepare the consultant’s approach.

2. Find out and approach the right candidates of search assignments for interviews by consultant.

3. Accomplish documentations and reports for search activities and statistics and assist the consultant in routine-works and organization.

4. Internet search and preparing information by consultant’s demand

5. Statistics and overviews of research findings by consultant’s demand.

6. Call and investigate required information from international companies.

7. Prepare contacts to international companies as required by the consultant.

8. Other activities necessary for BD.


1. Bachelor degree or above

2. 1- 3 years working experience in multinational companies preferred, newly graduates with excellent English communication can be also considered.

3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

4. Highly interested in executive search

5. Able to work well, both as part of a team and independently

6. Able to work through roadblocks and focus on what needs to get done

If you are interested in this position please send your CV to: